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Parents of 7th Grade Students/Immunization Information



First, I want to start off my introducing myself! I am Megan Phillips, BSN, RN, the new school

nurse for the Missouri Valley School District, grades kindergarten - 8th. I grew up in Harlan, IA, but have

lived in Missouri Valley for almost 14 years with my husband, Shane, who is a Missouri Valley Alumni!

We have 3 children (Whitney 5, Taylor 5, and Lane 3) and live on an acreage outside of Missouri Valley,

with our horses, dogs, and our chickens. I graduated from Clarkson College with the Bachelors of

Science in Nursing in 2011, and have since worked in the emergency department and the operating

room where I helped to perform heart surgeries. I am so excited to begin my journey with the school, as

this is where my heart is, with my children and the students and staff of Missouri Valley.



Dear Parent or Guardian of 7th grade students,

The Iowa Immunization Law requires that all students entering 7th grade have a meningococcal

and the TDAP booster vaccine before schools starts on August 14, 2020. Documentation on an updated

Certificate of Immunization showing that your child has received the vaccine will need to be provided to

me prior to the first day of school, unless the student has a certificate of exemption.

If your child has already received the vaccine, simply provide the updated record to the school nurse,

this can be emailed to me at mphillips@movalleycsd .org, and if they have not had the vaccine or

booster, they will need to get it prior to the school start date of August 14, 2020, or they will be

excluded from school until proof of the immunization has been documented.

Meningococcal disease is a life threatening illness that is caused by bacteria that infects the brain, blood,

and spinal cord. It spreads easily in crowded settings.

There will be NO grace/extension period for the implementation of this requirement, students will be

sent home from school if there is no record of this immunization.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for your time and attention to this requirement!



Megan Phillips, RN, BSN

School Nurse, Pre-K - 8th.