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About Mrs. Christensen

My name is Carla Christensen and I have been an educator in the Missouri Valley Community School District since the fall of 1996!  I began my teaching career as a Title I Reading/Reading Recovery Instructor, then moved into a 3rd Grade General Education Classroom.  For the past several years I have been the district's ELP (Extended Learning Program) Instructor/Coordinator developing curriculum for high-ability learners and small groups of students.  
I have 3 daughters who attend MVCSD and keep me very busy in school and after-school activities.  My husband, Kevin, is an IT (information technology) Director for Treehouse Foods LLC.  He and I are both Iowa State University graduates and HUGE ISU Cyclone fans!
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the MV community.  I work with and for an amazing community of learners. 
Daily Schedule---more or less
8:15-8:45--ELP groups (rotating schedule)
8:55-9:25--2nd Grade Literacy Block
9:30-9:55-1st Grade Literacy Block
10:00-10:25--Kindergarten Literacy Block
10:30-10:55--4th Grade Literacy Block/ELP (rotating schedule)
11:00-11:25--3rd Grade Literacy Block/ELP (rotating schedule)
12:15-12:45--Title I K-1 Reading Groups
1:00-2:00--6th Grade ELP
2:00-3:00--7th Grade ELP
Mrs. C.'s "Top 10 Fun Facts"
10. mom to 3 daughters
9.  have taught in MV ALL of my teaching career
8.  sing in a local praise band
7.  believe in the power of words--I am a self-professed "word nerd"
6.  HUGE Iowa State University Cyclones fan!
5.  married my high school sweetheart
4. have taught 2/3 of my daughters over the course of their educational careers
3.  love being present in all 3 school buildings over the course of the day/months/years
2.  degrees held:  Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education--Iowa State University;
Endorsements in TAG (Drake University), Reading and Social Studies(Iowa State University);
Masters of Science in Education--Drake University
1.  Learning is lifelong and never-ending


Mrs. C.'s Daily Schedule

AM--Elementary Literacy/Title I Reading Groups and ELP groups
PM--6th Grade ELP--meets daily in room 271 (freshman hallway between the Art room and VocAg. classroom); 7th ELP--meets daily in room 271
Our MS ELP groups will delve into Genius Hour, Literacy studies, Social Studies (connections to literacy units), and continue with coding skills from our ELP time in the elementary setting.  
Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions or comments.  The best way to reach me is via email--cchristensen@movalleycsd.org.

Educational Resources

To the Parents of Students in MVCSD

Here are some things you can do with your child while they are at home to keep them on track.

Read as much as you can!
Practice multiplication or sight word flashcards.
Keep a journal of the time at home.
www.typingclub.com to brush up on typing skills
www.prodigy.com to sharpen math skills
www.ixl.com to practice English and math skills
www.freerice.com for vocabulary, math or Spanish

There are lots of educational resources available online. Here are a few.
www.gonoodle.com for exercise and brain breaks
YOUTUBE.COM Colossal Questions - YouTube
https://mysteryscience.com/school-closure-planning# click on the mini lessons

Together Everyone Achieves More—TEAM—we are a team! ❤️💪🏻

We will miss your child dearly, and I hope to see them soon! Use this time to make some awesome memories with your child such as baking, playing games, and spending time outside.
MV strong ❤️💪🏻

To help educators during this time of coronavirus, we have pulled our most popular science lessons and are offering them for anyone to use for free. No account or login is needed. Copy and paste the links below into your documents and use them however they might be helpful! Mystery Science is the cr...

Middle School ELP coding option

Below are section codes for MS ELP.  Students may login using the section code assigned to each grade level.  Each student has their own "picture" passcode.  If there are questions or issues, please check with me via email: cchristensen@movalleycsd.org
6th Grade ELP--QDCSTQ
7th Grade ELP-HJLSYZ

Common Lit--www.commonlit.org

Please go to www.commonlit.org and use the code GEQ96L to become part of this new section.  We may utilize the site similarly to Read Works.
Please let me know if there are questions or issues.
Mrs. C.