COVID-19 - Missouri Valley Schools Update

Missouri Valley Community Schools, 

On April 2, Governor Reynolds recommended expanding closure of schools in Iowa until April 30. Missouri Valley Schools will follow this recommendation and will expand our closure through that week. We will plan on returning on May 1, unless a future recommendation changes that planned return date. Until then, we are committed to continuing our efforts to provide continuous learning opportunities to our students and nutritional meals. We will continue to communicate any new information as it becomes available.

Continuous Learning: 

This week, the state provided guidance to schools to implement continuous learning efforts. Schools have 2 options: 

  • Optional - 
    • All activities are optional, no grades may be given or changed, attendance is not taken, and credit for this semester will be given at the grade the student had when the closure began. 

  • Required - 
    • All activities/assignments are required, grades will be given just as if students were in physical attendance. All students will need to participate to receive credit for the course.

    • Requires an application to the state for approval. 

Continuous Learning options may vary by grade. Right now, our teacher leadership teams and administration are working to determine which route(s) Missouri Valley CSD will take to provide the learning opportunities that best fit our students and our families. 

Until this decision is made, teachers will continue to provide optional learning opportunities. Over the next week, our teachers will be reaching out to you to discuss your (parents and students) availability for learning opportunities, access to technology, and access to internet. Your feedback will help us determine which route best fits our community and students. 

Please note, regardless of the route(s) we take, instruction and learning opportunities won't change. This decision impacts whether or not students will be required to attend and submit assignments for grades. Even in the optional setting, students will still have opportunities to turn in assignments for feedback, discuss learning objectives with teachers, and continue to work through the course objectives to be better prepared for next year. 

Will we have Prom, Spring Sports, Club Activities, or Summer Sports?

Due to the extended closure, the earliest we would start sports or other activities would be May 1, when we plan to return to school. If the closure continues, we will re-evaluate at that time. We will not schedule any sports, activities, or prom until we have guidance that indicates we can resume these activities safely. 

What about Graduation, Awards Day, etc...? 

It's still too early to make any determination about these events. Our guidance from the Department of Education has been to be as lenient with seniors and providing credit towards graduation as we can. We will continue to evaluate and discuss senior grades and credits towards graduation eligibility and communicate with students and families as necessary. In the event the closure lasts through the end of the year, we are discussing options for graduation and the awards ceremony. 

Will we make up these 8 weeks?

The State of Iowa has forgiven the first 4 weeks of instruction lost to this closure and will not require schools who continue to provide continuous learning opportunities (optional or required) to make up future time missed. This does not mean that the district will not extend the school calendar to make up at least some of this time. This will be decided by the Missouri Valley Board of Education as we get closer to our planned return date. 

Will the school be requiring any e-learning (online) opportunities?

Changes in the Department of Education's guidance on e-learning now allows school districts to deliver online instruction. This instruction can be either optional or required. 

Missouri Valley Schools will continue to provide continuous learning opportunities for parents and students throughout the closure. Teachers will be using parent and student emails that we have stored in Infinite Campus to communicate these opportunities. If you have not received emails, please contact your child's building (712) 642-2706 and let us know. 

All learning opportunities will be communicated by your student(s) teachers. Additional learning opportunities may be found at our website under "COVID-19 Resources"   

What if I don't have the technology and internet to access these resources? 


We are still issuing all students in grades 3-5 (who need them) Chromebooks that they've been using in their classrooms. If you still need to pick up your student's Chromebook, please contact us at (712) 642-2706 ext. 4 and set up a time to pick it up. There will be no technology issued for grades PK-2. Seniors also have the ability to check out a Chromebook for use. 


Internet companies are reaching out to provide students internet access for free or reduced prices during our closures. Long-Lines has offered free internet for 60 days to those not currently have the internet. For more information, please contact them at (712) 271-4000. 

Paper Packets

Starting next week, the District Office will have paper packets available for pick-up or mail delivery. If you plan to pick up a packet, please call ahead and schedule an appointment. We will have the packet available for you on the table when you first walk in (with your name on it) to limit staff interaction. Please do not just stop in. We are attempting to limit our staff interaction with public. If you would like us to mail packets to you, please let us know.
PLEASE NOTE: Packets will be available for pick-up on Tuesday of each week. If you choose to have them mailed, they will be mailed on Tuesday of each week, so you won't have them until Wednesday or Thursday.

Thank you!

I just want to take this time to thank all our stakeholders who are working to keep their families safe during this time and trying to support educational opportunities for our Missouri Valley students. None of you signed up for this or had any way to prepare for this situation. Our community has been hit hard over the last few years, and each time I have seen amazing things from our community, parents, guardians, students, and staff. 

Thank you parents/guardians! I know many of you are still working, either at your place of business or from home, serving as daycare provider for your children, and now acting as substitute teacher for your students. 

Thank you MV Staff! I know many of you are still working to provide quality educational opportunities for your students while serving as daycare provider for your children in an online environment you have never been trained in. Those who are reporting are risking their own health and safety to keep our school running during this time.

Thank you to our awesome school cooks! Serving 3,000 meals per week is no small task, and you have made it look easy!

Thank you to our students! I know this year is not how you dreamed it would be. This will be something you all remember for the rest of your lives. Seniors, I know this is not the way you would have planned your senior year. We will still working hard to ensure you are ready for your next chapter. We hope to still be able to provide a meaningful graduation celebration, prom, and awards ceremony for you. Regardless of what happens, you should be proud of your accomplishments. You are the pride in #MVPride. 

As we've mentioned before, the priority is to focus time and energy on the health and safety of our families. Right now, more than anything, the best thing you can do for your children is to spend time playing and reading with them. Let all children know that they are loved and try to support them the best you can. We will keep you updated as we move forward and continue to make decisions on educational opportunities.

Thank you for your support.

With Big Reds' Pride, 

Dr. Brenton Hoesing
Superintendent of Schools
Missouri Valley Community School District